Monday, 4 August 2014

Jamai Raja 4th August 2014 Written Update

The serial starts with Siddharth introducing himself and his mother-in-law. He scene shifts in a aeroplane where Durga devi scolds flight attendant for spoiling her pashmina shawl. Siddharth who is sitting next to her purposefully yawns and drops her album. Durga says weird people come in plane. He says it does not need a special degree to sit in plane. Airhostess comes and asks what they want to have for dinner. Before Durga can give her order of fresh fruit bowl, Siddharth interrupts and gives his order of Indian nonveg food. Durga gets annoyed and says he must be traveling for the first time. He hears that and says she is right. Durga tries to throw away oranges. He asks her not to throw it and eats himself. Durga asks airhostess to change her seat and tries to move away when Siddharth stops her and says he liked her character and asks her visiting card so that he visit her house and have food with her.
Roshni is busy with school children. She serves them lassi. Kids get happy. She drops them till their schoolbus. Kids thank her and waves her bye. She asks them if they packed everything and did not forget anything. They packed everything and bus leaves. She turns back sadly. School bus comes and children throw bouquet on her and wish he happy birthday. She gets happy and thanks them.

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Flight lands. Roshni hurriedly rushes towards airport and meets her grandma who is waiting for her daughter Durga. Grandma says she came on time, else Durga would have been angry. Grandma/naani then greets he happy birthday. She asks why is she not wearing a makeup and asks her to wear it for durga’s sake. Roshni asks who is durga and remembers her mom’s name is Durga and DD is her pet name. Roshni describes how DD will come out of airport and her two devars/brother-in-laws Bablu and Kesar will receive her and start explain about the business schedule. Media will throng her, but she waves them goodbye, comes towards naani/grandma and Roshni and hugs them as media is watching them. Durga Roshni and says why is she wearing cheap clothes and asks her to remember that people respect her in this city. She asks servant to give baby/Roshni her gifts and leaves in her car. Roshni sees her trolley full of gifts and gets sad. She says naani that DD brought many gifts but forgot to wish her birthday. She throws gifts and stafrts crying. Naani prays god to send someone who can make Roshni happy.

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Sidharth gets into Roshni’s car and asks her to move. Roshi is surprised by his gesture and asks who is he and how did he get into her car. He gets out of car, gets in again and says like this. He says taxi is carrying his bag and to follow him. Roshi moves her car while Sidharth starts his drama. He then asks her to stop near the candy floss stall. She gets angry and asks why did she cheat her. He says it is her birthday and smile was missing from her face, so he make her smile and wish her. He gives her candyfloss, wishes her happy birthday and starts walking while Roshi annoyingly looks at him. He then says these are two women in my life because of whom my life is going to change.

Roshni gets ohme and sees servants all around. She sadly looks at Durga’s pic and says she misses him. She then hears Bablu talking to Dura over palmtab and scolds him for missing Roshi’s birthday party dress. Roshi’s student calls her and asks her to come fast. Roshni leaves. Durga thinks if Roshni does any mistake today, she will punish her hard.

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Sidharth enters a house like a thief. A man with his gun catches him.

Precap: Roshi is busy partying and dancing with her students and does not pick up Durga’s call. She comes home inebriated and asks her mom why can’t she expect love from her. Durga slaps her..
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Monday, 31 March 2014

Beintehaan 31st March 2014 Written Update

Zain thinks who exchanged the letter. Fahad comes and says he exchanged it. He asks Aaliya he would have thought of Usman once. He says he does not know why Surayya is angry on her. Aaliya says she does not like her parents also. Zain says Surayya does not like the whole Bhopal. Fahad asks Aaliya to give some time to Surayya to understand her and asks sorry on behalf of her. Aaliya asks her not to think like that. Fahad says he will meet them at breakfast and goes from there.

Zain asks how did she get the mindblowing idea of leaving him. She thinks Surayya’s words and does not say anything. Zain says if Surayya asked her to leave. She does not say anything. Zain asks her to remember the promise they made at railway station of not hiding anything with each other. Aaliya says he is right and asks him to promise not to ask Surayya about it. Ishq khudaa…. song plays in the background. Zain says she is filmy and asks promises always. Aaliya asks him to promise her again. Zain says he won’t tell Surayya and has already informed her that it is the fight between him and Aaliya.

Whole family is having breakfast. Usman says Aaliya that they didn’t go out since marriage. They should go out and enjoy. Zain says what about the conference. Fahad says conference is canceled and Usman, Zain and himself are free today. He suggests to go on family picnic today. Everybody likes that idea. Aaliya says Zain is ashamed of himself that he did not take her out till now. Usman asks Zain to take Aaliya out. Surayya interrupts, but Usman says let them enjoy. Zain asks where should they go. Fahad says there is good resort in Alibagh. Usman asks Zain/Aaliya to go and check the resort first and they will follow them later.

ZAin and Aaliya come down after getting ready. Usman asks why are they here till now. Fahad gives them booking tickets. Zain says he will call him if he does not find the road. He says he has his phone with him and to call any time. He asks them to go now and they leave. Shaziya comes and asks Fahad in which car they are going to resort. Fahad says Zain and Aaliya are going and it was Usman and his plan to send them. Shaziya thinks she will inform Surayya about Fahad/Usman’s plan.

Rizwan calls Aayath and asks to identify who is speaking. Just then, Gowhar comes running calling Rizwan. She is about to fall, but Rizwan holds her. She asks Zain and Aaliya have gone on picnic and when will they go. Rizwan says he is not feeling well and he has to go out for 3-4 days on a business trip. Gowhar asks when will he come back. Zain says he will not come back and will go to his house as Zain is alright now. Nafisa comes and says he will come back to this house. Gowhar hears that, gets happy and goes from there. Nafisa asks Rizwan if he forgot how Shaziya has ruined her life. She says she wants him to betray Gowhar. Aayath listens to the whole conversation.

Zain and Aaliya are on the way to the resort in their car. Zain says he thinks he lost the route and asks to call the resort and check. Aaliya sees sugarcane juice and insists to drink it. Zain says he won’t stop and asks her to call the resort. She asks himself to call. Their car’s tyre gets punctured. Zain says whenever she is with him, nothing good happens. Zain calls Fahad, but he does not pick the call. He calls Usman. Usman sees his call, but Fahad asks him not to pick the call. Aaliya asks if Fahad and Usman will come to change the tyre. Zain asks her to stop rubbishing. She asks if he does not know to change the tyre and reminds him of their promise. He says he does not know and asks if she knows. She says she knows but they will have to feed her sugarcane juice. A guy passes from there in his cycle. Zain asks him about the puncture shop. He says it is 6 km away. Aaliya asks about sugarcane shop. He says 2 km. She asks Zain to take him there first, then she will change the tyre. They give cycle guy 100 rs and take his cycle. They both go in the cycle to sugarcane shop. Aaliya orders juice and asks Zain to take it. He says glass is dirty. She wipes the glass. She likes juice and says it is yummy and it reminds her of Bhopal juice shop. They both travel back in cycle.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya come back near their car and don’t find the cycle guy. Zain says animals will come and hunt them. Just then they see a snake and get afraid.
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Rangrasiya 31st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra shouts on paro to go, he says its not your house, how dare you come in kitchen, i told you clearly that i dont wanna see your shadow even paro says i told you clearly that i will not go, rudra says look at me and say again, she looks in his eyes and says i will not go, he is stunned, rudra says if i want then i will hold your hand and throw you out, paro extends her hand, rudra is stunned.. he goes out fuming. in night, paro comes to dilsher, rudra is sitting there, she sit near dilsher’s feet, rudra looks at rukraksh in paro’s hand and says its mine, how you got it? paro says when you held it in mela trying to stop me from going with tejawat, your ruraksh got attached with me, then you were not with me but your rudraksh helped me saving my life, i will not give it you till you forgive me, he is about to go, paro says i made herbal remedy, she applies it on dilsher’s feet and says it makes man stand on his feet. i didnt mix poison in it, he sits infront of her and says politely what are you doing, i shouted on you, i asked you to leave, i warned you but you didnt listen to me, why are you doing this, and this rudraksh thing that you will not give till i not forgive you, why this forgiveness matters to you alot? he makes her stand. paro says i want forgiveness but its eating me inside that you think that i did that with bapu, believe me i cant do this, rudra says why you want me to believe? who i am to you? why you want forgiveness from this devil paro says dont say like this, you are my savior i was wrong saying you devil, it matters to me, how you can ask what you are to me, you are my… she stops and looks at him, he is stunned, (rr music plays). he goes out and thinks about her words. paro thinks he was right what is he to me, whats happening to me, please answer me God.

Scene 2
in morning, rudra comes to dilsher and sees paro sleeping in his feet, he goes to cupboard, paro wakes up. rudra packs money, maithili comes to dilsher, paro ask about rudra, she stops her and says can your believe that i put fire in his room, mailthili says no, the girl who put her life in danger, who understood my pain, i have questions but sunehri herself saw you, she cant lie about you, i know her, why she will lie, she made relation with you as sister, she saw you on bridal dress, i wish my convince me but my mind cant ignore reality, she goes out.
sumer comes mohini and says i want money she says i have placed tree of money in hall take from it in evening, he says i will earn it, she laughs and says you never did anything, tau is alive and that girl is also in house, you did nothing, she fumes and says never talk to me like this, danveer gives them parsad and goes, she says before taunting me go and earn some money, he says you also before taunting me do something which i can look upto.

Scene 3
paro is with dilsher, rudra comes there with bag and says last night i thought alot about your words, i believe that you are regretting and i have place in your life, paro says you have, rudra says have to see how much you can go to reach to my forgiveness, paro says i can go to any length but just give me forgiveness, he takes her to hall where all are present, he says you all know that paro wants forgiveness from me i am ready to give it but she has to do something only then i will believe her, she herself said that she will do whatever i say, paro says yes, he says now you all are witness, he goes infront of lord and takes sindoor box, he opens it infront of paro, mohini murmurs whats this new drama, rudra says will you marry me? paro is stunned, he says what ? you said only that you will accept my any demand, answer me, will you marry… sumer. all are shocked. he ask yes or no? mohini says what joke is this, my sumer will say no, rudra ask sumer to open bag, he opens and sees money in it, rudra says its 3lacs, i will give you 10lacs more, you wanna go jaipur then go but just take that girl from here, mohini says you cant buy him he is not vegetable, sumer says when i have to marry? rudra smiles and says today only, sumer says i am ready. rudra says will give more money after marriage, he gives him sindoor box, rudra says groom is ready, he ask paro are you ready? he says should i take your silence as no? what about that regret, what about that thing which was eating you inside, what about fire inside you because of my doubt? paro is in tears.

PRECAP- paro is crying, sumer says i genuinely want to marry you dont cry i am here, he is abput to wipe her tears but rudra holds his hand and ask what are you doing? sumer says was wiping tears of my would be wife, rudra says she didnt says yes till naow, you go. paro looks at him.
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya and Ram walking on the road coming to meet each other. Bade achhe lagte hain…. title song plays in the background. They come in front of each other. Priya asks why did he call her here. He asks if she remembers this place. She says she remembers everything. He asks if she understands what this place is trying to tell. He then asks her to come back to him. She says she was waiting to hear this word from him, but now she thinks why did he ask her to come back as nothing has changed since they separated. He asks does this matter in front of their love. She says she cannot come back as Pihu would not like it. Ram asks again does this matter in front of their love. She says what will the family members think. Ram repeats his words again. She asks him not to make it difficult for her. He asks if she loves him. She says she loves him, but Pihu won’t be understanding that, she is very egoistic and can do anything to prove her point. He asks again if she loves him. She says she loves him a lot and cannot think of living without him even for a moment. He asks her to believe him then and he will speak to Pihu. He asks her to wait at the same place tomorrow and says they will be together till death. She says even death won’t separate them, but she is just worried about Pihu. He asks her not to worry about Pihu and he will handle it. He asks to come with him tomorrow and goes from there. Priya gets happy.

Mamaji and the whole family are waiting for Ram. Ram comes and Pihu says he needs to explain why did he lie that he was not meeting Priya all these years. He says he does not interfere in anyone’s personal matters and does not like anyone to interere in his. Pihu says if Priya comes she will break her marriage with Sammy. She will leave his house if she comes back. Ram asks her to go then as she is married and her husband’s house is hers. Juhi asks not to speak like that to Pihu asks she is her daughter and says he just thinks about Priya. Ram says he knows what he is doing and commands everyone to behave well with Priya, else they can walk out with Pihu.

Jacky Bhagnani and Neha Sharma come to promote their film Youngistan. She asks Jacky to stop the car as she wants to have the chat. They get out of the car. Rajath and Rahul stop their car there. Rahul sees Jacky and says Rajath he wants to meet youngest prime minister. They go and meet him. Jacky says Rajath he knows that he is writer and asks about his love life. They talk to each other and promote their film Youngistaan. Rajath asks Jacky and Neha to enjoy their chat and goes from there.

Natasha asks Priya what did Ram say. Priya says Ram asked to come back to his house. She gets happy and says that is the reason she didn’t hear her phone call. She asks to tell her in detail, but Priya says he asked to come back. She asks to tell the edited version. She says Ram said nothing matters in his life than her and is coming tomorrow to pick her. Natasha says she is very happy. Priya says she does not know if the decision is right. If she goes, Pihu will feel bad. Natasha asks Priya to stop thinking about Pihu and think about Ram and his love. She sees Suhani and Khush standing there and listening their conversation. Khush and Suhani are shocked to hear their conversation.

Vikram comes to Rajath’s house and checks food. He asks what is special today. Rajath says it is his favourite food and says he is happy that Ram and Priya spoke today. Vikram asks if they will be together again. Rajath says they are lucky for each other and love each other and asks Daijaa if he is right. Daijaa says he is right.

Khush asks Priya not to go back to Ram. Suhani says she already spoke to him not to discuss about it. Khush says Priya suffered for 5 months and he cannot see her suffering again. Her asks him not to to do this and goes from there. Suhani says he is angry, so he said that, but will understand once he calms down. She asks Priya to do her packing. Priya says she will not go leaving her and Khush.

Ram says Sammy he heard he left Pihu and came alone. He says Priya is coming back and he does not like any mistake. He warns Sammy that he will take away his luxuries if anything happens.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihir getting Trisha’s call. He asks her to take care of herself and says I will ask Mrs. bhalla to make butter milk for you, it will be good for you. He sees Mihika and ends the call. He asks her why did you lie to Trisha, do you know she got so unwell. He says you decided I have no place in your life, then why did you do this, maybe out of jealousy. He says get over yourself and stop this kiddish things, you wanted me to go out of your life and I m going, so be happy now. Raman is at home. Mihir comes to him. Raman says you here what happened. Mihir says Trisha is unwell, so I came to take home made butter milk for her. Ramna says fine. Ruhi and Ishita get ready. Raman says come down, I m waiting near the car. Mihir kisses Ruhi and says have  a good time. Mihir is happy for Raman and Ishita.

He says Ishita is also annoyed with me, what is happening in my life. Raman brings them to the restaurant. Ruhi says I want balloons. Raman gives her money and she goes to buy. Ishita says you have given me biggest gift by bringing smile on Ruhi’s face. Raman says are you sure, there is something which I want from you. Ruhi brings the balloons. They go inside the restaurant. Ruhi likes the place. Ishita sees Raman waiting for someone and asks Ruhi to go and check the buffet. Ishita asks Raman what happened, are you waiting for someone. Raman says no. Adi comes there and Raman looks at him. Ishita sees him and is shocked.

Raman is happy and says Adi…. come sit. Ishita says hi Adi. Adi says did you tell her. Raman says no, I was about to tell her. He tells Ishita to apologize to Adi. Ishita is shocked and says but why. Raman says the way you scolded him in holi party, his friends heard it. Ishita says Adi is a small kid, he wanted to have bhaang, its our duty to stop him. Raman says stop it, we came here for Ruhi, just say sorry and finish it. Adi says she has to apologize to someone else also. Adi looks at Shagun and Ashok. Ashok smiles. Adi says she has spoke to Shagun rudely. Raman says but. Adi says I knew you won’t keep my promise, you told me she will apologize, ask her to apologize to us.

Raman says Ishita the way you spoke to Adi was not right. ishita thinks why Raman brought her here lying to her and Ruhi. She looks at Ruhi’s happiness and thinks of her words. She thinks Ruhi is so happy, if all this goes on, her heart will break, which should not. Ishita apologizes to Aditya for scolding him. She says I m not your parent, I don’t have any right to stop you even if you drink, its your parents’ duty. She says I m sorry for everything. Adi says who will apologize to my mum. Ishita looks at Raman. Ishita cries and apologizes to them. Shagun says its ok, I forgive you. Ishita gets angry seeing Raman. Adi smiles and meets Ruhi. Ruhi hears everything that Ishita apologized. Adi says please enjoy, have chinese with Ruhi, we will leave.

Ashok says see you Raman and Ishita. He leaves with Shagun and Adi. Ruhi gets upset. Ishita asks how was the buffet. Ruhi says I don’t want to eat, I want to go home. Mihir comes to Trisha with the butter milk and says you will feel much better. He says I need home made food. Mihir says we will think about it, have this first. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ruhi and Ishita are upset. Raman says shall we go to have icecreams. Ruhi says I don’t want anything and talks to only Ishita, avoiding Raman. They come home. Raman stops Ruhi but she leaves. He says I know I m wrong, but I m helpless.

Ishita washes her face and anger. She thinks about Adi’s words and cries. Appa is watching cricket and sees Amma sad.
He asks what happened. Vandu and Bala come home and give a good news about Bala’s promotion. Vandu asks Amma is everything ok. Bala watches cricket with Appa. Vandu asks Amma why do you look so tensed. Amma says I m fine. She says Ishita got married and Mihika is busy in her job, Appa and I feel lonely. Vandu says come and stay with me, else Shravan and I will come here on vacation. Amma says yes, good. She says I stay alone at home, how long will I watch TV. Appa hears this.

Bala comes to meet Ishita and greets the Bhallas. Bala sees Ishita upset. He says Shravan is missing you, can you some. Ishita goes with him. Bala asks her what happened. Ishita tells him everything. She says I get so angry on him, all this is wrong. Bala says I always feel Raman had a temper problem, I felt he had calm down. He took your side infront of Amma also. She says sometimes he is good and sometimes he is horrible. I don’t understand when he hurts Ruhi. He takes care of everyone. I wonder don’t they feel bad of his rude behavior. Bala jokes and she smiles. She says actually I felt I m marrying for Ruhi, but this is not enough, my patience is breaking.

Raman says I have to change myself for my daughter’s sake. I don’t want my daughter to see me breaking. Mrs. Bhalla says a father is a hero for a daughter. Raman says I will become a good father which her innocent eyes look for.
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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla and Vitthal see Raghav’s car. Tehy are about to go to ask him but Kalpi’s auto reach there as well. Kalpo sees Raghav in the car she is dazed. Kamla asks why Raghav came here ? Kalpi says I don’t know. Vitthal saus must be someone else.

Scene 2
Nettu sees that Paki is still up she asks her what’s wrong ? Did you have a quarrel with someone ? you can share with me whatever is in your heart. Paki says please leave me alone. Raghav calls paki but she disconnects the call. She says you know Raghav he must have something urgent but why I came after him. He doesn’t like Kalpi at all. They are just a boss and employee. I will receive the next call. Raghav says this has to happen. She is my target never forge this Raghav. Paki waits for his call. Raghav apologizes and says I will talk to you tomorrow. Paki says okay see you tomorrow.

Scene 3
Kalpi can’t sleep she remembers Raghav asking watchman to get he an auto and seeing him outside her house like he was following her. She smiles and sleeps. Kamla gets up and sees Kalpi she touches her face and says may God always be with you.

Scene 4
Next morning starts with a pooja. She prays for Kalpi and says may she gets all what she wants.

Scene 4
Pakhi is in office. She sees Kalpi coming in. SHe goes to her but Sammy comes and asks are you okay ? I am getting the lock fixed. Pakhi asks what happened ? SHe says Kalpi got locked in the store last night. Pakhi hugs Kalpi and says you are mad. She asks why Raghav is not here ? Kalpi says I don’t know.

Scene 5
Ramu gives Kalpi the flowers to place in Raghav’s cabin. Raghav comes in and asks what are you doing ? She says I came with the file. Raghav says we have peon in this office for that thing. Are you trying to get their work. Looks like you are forgetting your deadline. Don’t do your social service here. You know why you got locked in store last night ? Because you were doing someone else’s work. These cheap and roadside flowers show the standard of your choice. Kalpi says I am sorry sir. He says I am not done yet. If you wanna move forward then you should leave doing all this change your likes and dislike and your thoughts. Kalpi turns to him and says I don’t like these cheap flower and is going to trash it. Kalpi stops him.

PRECAP- Pakhi says to Kalpi I wanted to talk about something. Raghav says to Pakhi don’t be late for the party.
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara saying Devyaani and Bhabhimaa are hiding something. She talks to Naitik’s photo. Devyaani sees Naman and Muskaan’s names in her diary. She thinks about her children. Naman and Muskaan come to meet Anshu’s family. Anshu is shocked to see them. Akshara comes to Devyaani and asks is everything fine. Devyaani cries and says memories freshen up everything, it is related to my pain. She tells her about her children. Devyaani cries and hugs her.

Akshara calls Rajshri and asks about Anshu and jasmeet. Rajshri asks her not to take tension. She asks her to take care and she will call her if needed. Rajshri says Anshu’s friends came to talk to Anshu. Akshara wishes everything becomes fine. Dadi calls Rajshri and she ends the call. Kaki asks Anshu to take Naman and Muskaan to his room. Anshu is annoyed. Akshara talks to Naitik and gives her day updates. Akshara tells Bhabhimaa that she is fine. Bhabhimaa asks her to take rest. Rukmani calls Bhabhimaa and tells her about Grand Parents day at Naksh’s school and her plans.

She asks what did Devyaani decide. Bhabhimaa says I don’t know. Rukmani taunts about Devyaani. Naman tries to talk to Anshu. Anshu says I won’t listen to anything. Naman says I did not tell anyone anything. Anshu says don’t create any issue here. Naman says what you are thinking is wrong. Anshu argues with him. Naman says from where did you get this stupid ideas, handle your relationship else you will regret. Anshu scolds him and says I m not stupid, I can see whats going in between you and jasmeet. Everyone are shocked to hear them fight.

Akshara says Naksh has hidden it from us. Devyaani says Naksh does not want me to go to his school, he has reasons for it. I will try to become his friend. Devyaani says we have to do something and talk to your dad. Omi asks Anshu whats going on. Anshu says nothing. Anshu asks Naman to go. Naman says I won’t go from here. Jasmeet comes there with her parents. Jasmeet asks Naman why did you come here. Naman says to clear everything, Anshu feels there is something between us. Everyone are shocked.

Naman says he is mad, I came to clear all this. Vishwamber asks jasmeet what is the matter. Devyaani asks Bau ji should we go, what would have Maa done if she was here. Bau ji says she would have gone for sure. At school, the kids are taken inside for the program. Naksh and Yash have a talk. Rukmani comes for Yash. Naksh is shocked to see Devyaani.

Devyaani and Bau ji are called on stage. Naksh looks on.

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Mahabharat 6th March 2014 Written Update

On Sakuni’s instigation, Dushasan goes to Dhrit asking him to punish Kunti for going against the order of the king. Gandhari and Bhishm advice him otherwise. Bhishm indirectly says that his father has given him the right to choose his death. Dhrit cunningly says that he wont punish Kunti. Gandhari and Bhishm are relieved. Dushasan is angry. Dhrit continues to say that he wont let her go to IP either.

At the banks of the river, Karn is giving dhaan to people. They bless him. One of them praises him for his dhaan for which Karn replies he does this as his father has advised him to do so to get peace of mind. Vrushali comes there. Karn and Vrushali look at eachother. He recognizes her and calls her by name. She asks if he remembers that she stayed near his house in the past. He affirms that he remembers. Vrushali asks him to help her go to her father in IP. Karn reminds her that she would be going along with Kunti. Vrushali says that Kunti has been stopped from going by the King. Karn says that it is injustice and he needs to talk to Dury immediately regarding this. He also promises her that he would definetely take her to IP.

At the palace, Dury and Sakuni are playing Dice game. Karn comes there. He displays his disagreement in retaining kunti at HP. He says that it is adharm. Dury asks if he forgot that he was the one who gave him the position of a king while others mocked his status.

Karn replies that he will never forget it and thats why he has come here to save dury from commiting a adharm.

Dury is confused. Karn explains that seperating a mother from her sons is adharm. Dury asks whose side he is in and whether Karn has already decided to beg for his life from Arjun.
Karn says that day would never come. He would neither beg for his life from Arjun nor would he give Arjun his life
Sakuni tells Karn that he is a king and when he is a King he needs to commit some adharm. Karn says that he cannot tolerate this adharm and he asks Dury his acceptance of Karn’s resignation from the post of AngRaj.

Dury is furious and he doesnt want to accept this. He says that he isnt thankful enough, he is just a sutputr. Karn is devastated to hear this from Dury. Sakuni is shocked too. He comes towards both of them intending to make peace between them. Sakuni tells that Karn is right he neednt be a king to serve Dury.
Karn asks Sakuni to let him keep his promise to Vrushali. Sakuni agrees to talk to Dhrit regarding this. As Karn leaves from there, Sakuni advises Dury to maintain patience.

Precap: The pandavas come to know that Kunti is not allowed for IP. Yudi sends his brothers and krishna to bring Kunti to IP.
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Veera 6th March 2014 Written Update

Veera is upset and tries calling, but her phone stops working, she decides to go and bring forth the truth.. She starts riding the bike.. and Moves ahead. Balwant is on bed.. and BD comes with Gunjan and Bansuri, G asks forgiveness, and and BW gives speech, that I don’t want to see her face.. I wanted to marry her off in grand way.. and Bansuri takes G. BW gives blessings far.. BD assures BW to take him to hospital, and BW gives her swear to attend G’s wedding.. and asks his friend to take care of his father.

G is seen riding bike, but falls off while riding… an she is in pain trying to get up, she murmurs veerji even in pain, she gets up and sees her injured hand, but realizes she needs to go ahead. She gets up to see puncture bike and wonders how will she reach temple and stop wedding at any cost.

It’s temple, G comes and RV is waiting there.. G is equally upset at this whole scene.. It seems no one is happy… (including me.. Lol).. G moves on be with RV .., and Panditji starts with ritual. G gives dislike look to RV, V is looking for lift, but no one stops.. Panditjee, asks for next step. RV tells Pandit to wait for V, but everyone else refuses.. G unhappily takes Mala, and Veera is still waiting. They exchange Garland. G is reluctant all the while.. Bansuri helps her. MC is wondering where is V, she will miss RV’s wedding. Some person stops and she begs to help her, and biker stops her and suggests to go to Hospital, V disagrees.. and RV is still waiting, but BD forces Panditjee to continue without waiting. G is also upset. BD is wondering where is V, it is her RV’s wedding. V is travelling, RV is waiting and marriage continues with G crying continuously. Panditji asks for V, but R says she isn’t here, so he asks BD to do it. Pheras start and finishes.. V is anxious. Mangalsutra, scene, RV is reluctant.

V travelling, and RV fills sindoor. V comes and sees this.. Panditjee announces them as married couple. V decides to tell the truth, and she will still not let his RV’s life spoil because of someone like G, and MC sees V and goes to her to ask where was she?

MC says RV had been waiting and asks… what happned.. and RV notices injury, V asks him to ignore it and takes him along with her, leaving Gathbandhan open, BD and Bansuri are wondering..
V takes him aside, and asks him why did he marry her, and V says, she knows the truth, but RV denies it.. .. Veera says, she knows the truth, and took blame on himself for saving her…

Precap: V says she will break RV’s marriage..
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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman being shocked to see each other. Ishita says you here. Raman says I heard everything what you were talking with your friend. She asks whats all this. He says I don’t want you to treat me. She says you won’t get anyone else, let me do my job. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………… yeh hai mohabbatein………….. plays…………. Ishita treats him. Her bangles hurt him and he asks her to remove them. She removes the bangles. She says your wound is deep, so I have to give stitches, I have to give you anesthesia. She has to give him the injection. Ishita thinks that Mrs. Bhalla told once that Raman is afraid of injections. She takes a fat injection and says you refused to give blood to Ruhi, now you take this.

He says whats this. She laughs and says I scared you. She gives him the injection. Raman loses his senses and a tear rolls down his cheeks. Ishita says Raman, why are you crying, is it paining. He says Adi, don’t leave Papa, I know I did not become a good father but Ruhi is also not my daughter. Ashok said that Ruhi is his daughter. Ruhi is Ashok’s daughter. Ishita is shocked and says so this happened in the party, which changed Raman’s behavior. She brings Raman home and makes him sleep. She looks at him and says he looks so innocent in sleep. She says but what he said about Ruhi, did he really meant it, why would he feel Ruhi is not his daughter. She says Ruhi is Ashok’s daughter, why would he feel that.

She thinks I don’t know Shagun and Raman’s history, but shall I ask him what did Ashok say. He won’t tell me and his parents. I have to find it out. Its morning, Raman wakes up by the alarm and shuts it off. Raman still has tooth pain. Ishita says Ayyo, now he will make others heads ache. He asks for medicines. She says I can’t give. He says help me you are a doctor. She says be quiet. Ishita says I wil give a big injection if you say. Mrs. Bhalla sees Raman and asks what happened. He says I got hurt yesterday.

Raman asks Rumi to bring ice. Mrs. Bhalla sees Ishita not wearing the bangles and reacts. She says I told you not to remove them till one month, see he got hurt as you have removed the shagun. Ishita says its nothing like that. Ishita says I removed it for him. She gives explanations. Mrs. Bhalla is angry and says its so big bad sign. Raman says stop it. Ishita says I m sorry, I will wear it. Mr. Bhalla calms his wife and asks Ishita to wear the bangles. Mihir and Mihika meet at the staircase. Mihika says I don’t believe Raman is working in this state.

Mihir comes with so many office files. Mihika says lets plan something for them. Mihir says I thought there is one way, why not we organize something in our society. Mihika says Ishita was carrom champion in college. Mihir says Raman too. Mihika says carrom match. Mihir says thats sounds perfect. Mihika says I will talk to Amma. Mihika and Mihir talks to Amma and everyone like the idea. Appa says lets keep it day after tomorrow as its holiday. Mihika says help me in making poster. Amma tells Appa to see Mihir. Appa signs its fine.

Ishita takes care of Ruhi. Raman comes getting ready for work. He sits for breakfast. Ruhi greets him good morning. Simmi calls home and Mrs. Bhalla picks her call. Simmi asks about Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi is fine. Ruhi says hello to Simmi. Ruhi and Raman’s likes are same. Ishita says Ruhi and Raman;s every habit match, I can see they are father and daughter, is Raman blind. Raman asks Ishita not to talk to herself else he will send her to mental hospital. Ruhi says Papa get well soon. Raman leaves. Ishita smiles.

Mihika and Mihir make the posters. Mihika praises Ishita and Mihir praises Raman. Mihika says Ishita married Raman for Ruhi’s sake. She says Ishita can die for the one she loves. Mihir says they are so similar, there should be love between them, they are perfect for each other. Mihir and Mihika get closer and Amma comes. Amma says coffee is ready. Mihir says the poster is also ready and shows her. Amma leaves. Mihika smiles.

Ishita comes home and greets Mrs. and Mr Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla hears Ishita talking to Mr. Bhalla. Ishita says Ruhi and Raman’s many habits are same. Mr. Bhalla says Ruhi is his carbon copy. He says Raman only thinks of earning more than Raman. Ishita changes the topic and says I will leave for clinic. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Ishita has full control over Mr. Bhalla. She is annoyed. Ishita sees the bathroom with water on floor. Raman asks her to go and bath in her Appa’s house. Ishita cleans the floor. She says how can Raman think Ruhi is not his daughter, totally stupid, he misbehaves with my Ruhi. She says I have to do something. She says idea, DNA test.

Ishita talks to a doctor and says I want a DNA test to be done of Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla. The doctor tells Ishita that Raman came for the test but did not do it.
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Jodha Akbar 5th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Maham tells ruks to get up and fight for her rights, ruks says i didnt lose but my game fired back, maham says you played wrongly, you involved jalal in it, it would have been in harem only, they would have turned against jodha but with jalal’s involvement he made everybody believe that jodha is inocent, look how much trust he have on her, ruks says he took her side and insulted me, she saved his life but that doesnt mean i will my precious thing to her, jalal is only mine, maham says thats the spirit i wanted just consult me in every matter i know politics alot, she ask maham why would you help me, maham says i hate jodha alot and want her to go from jalal’s life.
Jodha comes back in her room, moti ask where were you, jodha says i was in garden, moti says why this smile then? jodha says nothing, moti says why you took so much time sitting lonely, jodha says jalal came there, moti says oh you both are together rverywhere in boat, in journey, in garden, why dont you tell him your feelings, jodha is thoughtful. Outside jalal thinks maybe she has feelings for me but i will not go to her again as i was insulted earlier and i cant bear that again, mirza comes there, jalal ask if you have feelings for someone then what should one do, moti says to jodha that if you have feelings then go and tell him,jodha says i cant, mirza says he should tell his heart out, jalal says if he is rejected once, mirza says then he should not go again else his friendship can be in danger too. Jodha thinks if moti is right that i have developed feeling for jalal. Jalal thinks that he will not take step this time else it will be dangerous.

Scene 2
Hamida says to jiji that i dont know why ruks is so jealous with jodha gul badan says she cant do this cheap thing, hamida says she was so innocent in childhood, thank God jalal believed jodha, hamida says ruks disappointed me alot, she says gul you are her aunt, explain to her that power is not anything, she should not be blinded by it. hamida says one should listen to her heart.
Sharif is seeing beautiful painting of jodha and she looks beautiful but this painting is not defining your beauty, it can be felt by taking you in arms, touching you lips. He says i cant wait anymore, soon you will be in arms. he says artist should be given some gift for this painting. bakshi comes there, he says i was saying that this painting is good but it should be of yours, he says i know whats going on in harem, he says you women do good politics. he looks at painting and says tabassum artist is amazing and she sketched it beautifully seems like jalal calls her often to make jodha’s pic, bakshi says we should send this to jodha as its looking odd my our room, sharif says yeah send it to her.
Jalal comes to salima, he says i wanted your suggestion, i am tensed, he says i cant decide about harem’s leader, tell me something, salima says i have one idea to sort this, salima says leave kingship, jalal says what? salima says else you have to face this all, she says 2nd option is that you have to choose one of them, jalal says no other option? salima says being shehenshah you have to face these difficulties, jalal smiles.

Scene 3
jodha and ruks comes to meet hamida, both says thay want to meet hamida, dasi comes and tell her, hamida says call them both inside, they both greets hamida, she is happy to see her, ruks says i want you to pray for me to win, jodha says i want you to pary for harem’s peace, hamida says not anything for you? jodha says i am also part of this harem, ruks says will you not pray fro me? hamida says you are like my daughter and i pray that you go on right path, ruks and jodha goes out, ruks says to jodha that good you came to take her blessing its important for you, jodha says for prosperity blessings are important you cant win only by playing games, ruks says what you mean that i put that murtis in harem, jodha says i didnt said that but seems like you are accepting it yourself, jodha says i feel bad, you handled harem for years and did this cheap thing, ruks says its politics, jodha says i dont wanna play that cheap politics, ruks shouts, jodha ask her to lower down her voice, it doesnt look good on queen, jodha leaves from there, ruks says today i will make you loose.
All harem begums and bandhies come in court, jalal says i used to choose harem leader but today there will be voting, candidates are jodha and rukiyya, he says it will done openly, you will tell name openly, in end we will count votes and that will be leader.

PRECAP- jodha is inmandir, she is giving food to poors, sujamal in disguise is also sitting there, he drags jodha and takes her aside, he says its me sujamal, jodha is happy to see him.
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Qubool Hai 5th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat tries to go past farhan’s room and pretends to have had a sprain. farhan places her on the bed, with a pillow under her leg, which she identifies to be the one that she had prepared for Farhan, and which he had used to muffle her to death. She gets emotional recounting the horror. Nikhat shocks him saying that it feels like this pillow has witnessed a crime in which sameera partnered him. Farhan is scared but nikhat says that she was talking about the romanticv crime of stealing someone’s heart and this pillow has been a witness to it. Farhan is relieved and nods in a yes. She again begins to flirt around with him, asking if he doesnt have any space for anyone else in his life. he tries to clarify and she teases him for his nervousness. She asks him seducatively to leave her to her room. He is more than eager to do so. sameera watches them walk by, from the stairs, as farhan attends to nikhat. She is highly disturbed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Tanveer wakes up on the bed, still dizzy and finds zoya sitting calmly on the sofa. Zoya asks her not to be scared as she wont be after her, and sarcastically comments that she has proved herself to be innocent. Zoya tries to instigate her saying that she would show heer the actual way of dying. Tanveer jerks off her hand away from zoya’s. tanveer asks to be left alone. zoya continues to tease her, saying that she would help her die nicely. Zoya asks her to have done a better drama, and reminds her about the memory, that she had said that she’s a trained nurse, when she had tried to kill her. Zoya says that this game is over, and she should end the drama, as they both are alone. Zoya presents her a deal, saying that she would tell her about her father and she would forgive Tanveer for everything that she has done. Tanveer begins to taunt her too, and says that this deal is very good, but not a good bargain. zoya negotiates that she should have told her directly. Tanveer says that they acn discuss the deal, and asks if she would get whatever she wants for zoya’s father name. Zoya says that she would try to be as cheap as possible and asks to know. tanveer says that she had just one wish that she had worshipped, and has always wanted that person, who is in her every breath, and has done it all for that person only. She tells zoya that she wants asad. Zoya remains calm and reminds that all her efforts are in vain, and she still believes that she would get asad. she reminds that she’s married to asad. Tanveer says that they still havent become one, hinting that they havent consummated their marriage yet. Tanveer points that their marriage is incomplete without the walima. Zoya is shocked, but says that she doesnt get angry but pities her now. She says that Asad is just hers and she should forget him. Tanveer says that she should also forget about her father, and can decide for herself, what she wants, her husband or her father. zoya is disturbed.

later, humaira is frantically searching around for haider, but is unable to find him anywhere. She comes out to find mamu sitting alone in the garden, and wonders where is haider and why hasnt he talked to mamu yet. she thinks that maybe he doesnt want her to get married to him. she turnsd around and finds haider, who tells her that there are still five minutes left to eight. he evilly progresses towards mamu, and begs down with folded hands, while she prays from a distance. Haider tells that he wants to marry humaira. mamu gets furious to see him. Haider says that when a girl loves someone bad, she would want to marry him. Mamu asks what does he want. Haider says that he wants revenge and his ruin. Humaira finds him with folded hands from a distance, and thinks that he’s pleading, while haider is actually toying with mamu’s emotions. Mamu tells him to leave his daughter alone, as she’s very innocent, and shouldnt pay for his sins. Haider asks how can he forget how he ruined his life. He blackmails him to say yes, or else he would release humaira’s embarassing pics in the whole city, that show her intimacy to him. Mamu is unable to control his anger and slaps his tight. Humaira is shocked and rushes inside. mamu tries to stop her but in vain. haider smiles evilly. he takes leave, while mamu is distressed.

Zoya says that destiny wants her to meet her father and tanveer would assist her in the same. Tanveer smirks at her. zoya says that she maynot have fulfilled her promise. Zoya comes to tanveer, after she has had a bandage on her hand. She tells tanveer that she maynt have fulfilled her promise but one promise she would make to tanveer and would fulfill it too. Zoya says that they will have their walima, and most importantly in her walima, her father would be there with her. tanveer is surprised as zoya promises her stoically. The screen freezes on Zoya’s tensed face.

Precap: Zoya comes to asad’s room and finds that its full of water. as she steps in, she finds a loose circuit and out of fear of electrocution, she jumps on the bed, as the wire touches the waters. Asad comes in too and is shocked to see what he finds.
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